Outings and Special Activates

Outings are special occasions that allow the children to live new experiences. Generally, these outings require the use of a means of transport. Information regarding the activity will be provided to the parent and a written authorization will be required for each activity. Parents may be invited to volunteer. Parents wishing to accompany us must register at the office.

Fees will be charged to the parent who authorized his/her child’s participation to each activity. These fees are not refundable if the child is absent on the day of the activity.

Parents are invited to participate in the daycare’s different events, such as meetings with the Educator, Christmas celebration and others. They are also invited to celebrate their child’s birthday at the daycare. The Cook prepares a cake for each child

Material provided by the parents


Each item must be identified. The daycare is not responsible for loss items.

Clothing and other supplies

Every day the parent must bring the necessary clothing for the children to play outside (according to the temperature).

A parent must bring and leave at the daycare:

  • A pair of indoor shoes and these shoes must stay at the daycare.
  • A pair of outdoor shoes. (The shoes must hold the feet when the child is running.)
  • Change of clothes in a bag identified with the child’s name (according to the season).
  • Diapers – in sufficient quantity; if not, the daycare will charge the parent, one dollar ($1) per diaper provided.
  • Zinc-based creams only (e.g. Zincofax etc.).
  • Ready to serve formula milk (we provide homogenized milk).
  • The child may bring a personal object that is particularly important to him/her only for nap time (this object must stay at the daycare from Monday to Friday).

The daycare is not responsible for any loss or broken objects; moreover, it is also preferable that the child does not wear jewelry or any other item of value.